Anime Adaptation of Gust’s Blue Reflection Game Premieres in April 2021

Anime Adaptation of Gust's Blue Reflection Game Premieres in April 2021 | 1
Source: DMM Pictures/Screenshot by Is-it-fake

Blue Reflection Ray is the anime title premiering in April 2021. The series is adapted from developer Gust’s BLUE REFLECTION game. It’s scheduled to air on Japan TV’s MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS. The announcement was made on Friday with a teaser trailer available by DMM Pictures:

DMM Pictures

Hiori Hirahara (VA: Manaka Iwami) and Ruka Hanari (VA: Haruka Chisuga)

Blue Reflection was released on Steam via PC and PlayStation 4 in September 2017. On the other hand, the game was published by KOEI Tecmo and describes the game’s story as:

Taking her first steps back into an everyday school life, Hinako is lost in a sea of unknown faces until she encounters a middle school friend, Sanae Nishida. Hinako notices a strange aura emerge from Sanae and suddenly awakens in a mysterious world where an intimidating demon awaits her! Before she has time to react, a pair of friendly voices reach out to her: “It will be alright. You can fight. Put your heart into the ring on your finger, and fight as a Reflector!” The magical twins Yuzu and Lime bestow Reflector powers on Hinako, promising her they will grant any wish she desires if she protects the world from devastating forces that seek to threaten humanity.

KOEI Tecmo
Anime Adaptation of Gust's Blue Reflection Game Premieres in April 2021 | 3
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SOURCE: Blue Reflection Ray Website, DMM Pictures

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