Banpresto Dragon Ball Super: Bootleg DXF Vegito SSB figure

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Admittedly, the Banpresto DXF figure line is one of the most affordable collections the manufacturer has to offer in terms of scaled figures. The anime figures are just detailed in this specific collection.

Have you ever wondered what DXF means? How did the brand even come up with this? Well, we can only answer the first one and talk about it for several minutes. Basically, DXF stands for ‘Define x Figure’ and it implies that definition is important to creating figures. As the name suggests, the figures from this toy line are well-defined. There’s not even a doubt figure pirates are overlooking this collection.

In fact, bootleggers are already copying the design to get that dirty cash straight into their bags. A bootleg DXF Vegito Super Saiyan Blue has been making rounds, and it doesn’t look too good!


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Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: Dreamme Store
Distribution Area: Worldwide

AliExpress isn’t really a terrible website. Well, that is if you’re looking for cheap utilities. When it comes to quality anime figures, however, that’s a different story.

Dreamme Store is an example of a dishonest seller. They brand their figures authentic and present it like an original so they can fool unwary buyers into getting a defective bootleg. This is really concerning since these items have access to anyone around the globe.

Nevertheless, there are people who are also collecting bootlegs, but you should know why collecting them isn’t worth it at all. Take this Vegito figure as an example, so you can take your step into appreciating authentic anime figures more!


Ahh! Here we are again with a bootleg figure that’s only wrapped in cheap plastic. If sellers are going to fool collectors into buying their degenerate figure anyway, they must have at least presented it how official manufacturers would do it. Instead, they put themselves out in the open to be shot down.

With just a few twists and turns, we already have the fake Vegito figure on hand. The whole package contains the figure itself as well as the base. As for the base, it doesn’t look like it has any copyright imprints which isn’t surprising at all.

Fortunately, the fake figure stands on its base properly, and for that feat, we can give this bootleg a proper scrutiny.

Do you have any thoughts on the bootleg after seeing the overall view of it? Well, if you haven’t had any judgment yet, then you might want to look closer.

Looking at the face, you can see that the paint is quite faded, specifically on the eyebrows. The right pupil on the eye also looks a bit dismantled, and you can only tell by magnifying on it. The earrings are really a mess though as gray paint’s been inaccurately brushed. Lastly for the face, you’ll see that there are relatively huge gaps between the face and the hair.

The hair is a real mess. If you look closer, you can see a lot of dents — well, even 2 dents is already a lot for figures. Although the surface of the hair feels amply smooth, the area also feels dusty even though it’s been sitting inside the plastic.

Going over the bootleg’s body, you’ll start to see some more major flaws. For a first, the chest has a few scratches on it. On the other hand, the blue vest looks crude.

The paint quality on the whole area of the clothes looks drab, and if you look at the gloves, you’ll see awfully shaded areas — yes, both of the gloves!

Once you turn the figure on its back, you’ll see additional scratches on the gloves as well as the back of the body. The shading throughout the lower body looks a bit odd, but without an overview of the real figure, we’ve yet to hold that judgment.

There are fewer visible flaws on the lower body, but that doesn’t mean they’re not counted!

Starting around the hip, you’ll see some traces of glue stain on the area. If you observe carefully, there’s an odd unshaded area which makes the shades look asymmetrical — it’s probably just a scratch though!

Same as the gloves, the shoes are also messy. The bootleggers tried so hard to copy the detail, but awfully failed doing so. And apart from the little scratches in the area, that seems to be all of it.

To sum it all up, the real DXF – The Super Warriors – Vegito figure is far more superior, especially in design. With its flawless design, you’ll appreciate the even better than a cheap knock off. And if you’re wondering about spending a fortune on a high-quality DXF figure, then you don’t have to worry about it. Prize figures are really affordable!


Banpresto Dragon Ball Super: Bootleg DXF Vegito SSB figure | 33

Okay, let’s start with the huge price gap between the two figures. Yes, you might get the bootleg for a cheap $6.99 USD, but that’s it. In the end, you get what you pay for — a cheap, defective, and crusty bootleg.

Authentic figures have so much value in them in terms of resale. In demand figures tend to go up in price, especially when the manufacturer’s stocks disappear like a bubble. For a well-detailed figure like the DXF Vegito figure, a price of approximately $20 USD still hits the spot. Take note: it’s a prize figure, but it’s definitely top-notch for its tier.


The authentic DXF – The Super Warriors – Vegito figure was launched back in 2017. Still, the stocks haven’t faded yet. You can actually get the real figure for a cheaper price when it’s a secondhand figure, but quality comes first.

Banpresto Dragon Ball Super: Bootleg DXF Vegito SSB figure | 34

In Ninoma – The Japanese Market, you can get the real figure for only $20 USD. Well, that’s already a deal considering the initial market price of the figure was around $24 USD when it was released. No one will really be able to tell for how much the figure should cost since it’s a prize figure, but most definitely, you have access to it from this website.

If you’re looking for other options, however, you can go ahead and take a look at Amazon.

Banpresto Dragon Ball Super: Bootleg DXF Vegito SSB figure | 35

Sure, Amazon has a lot of bootleg items in it, but if you know what you’re looking for, then you won’t really have a problem. You might also get the item more conveniently than in other online stores. As long as you trust the website as well as the reviews on the item listing, then it should be as good as greenlight.

Anime figures tend to appear and disappear every year. Well, disappear in a sense that certain figures get scarce in the market because many fans have already collected them. You still have the choice to browse for secondhand figures as it will still guarantee the same quality as an authentic.


Needless to say, the fake Vegito figure is in complete shambles. The dents on the hair says a lot about its awful quality, not to mention the sloppy second-grade paint job the bootleggers did to it. If you’re going to browse in a physical store and see these defects, you have every right to second doubt that figure.

Nevertheless, don’t settle for anything less. This bootleg deserves to be hit with a 90% terrible rating right at its face.

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