Banpresto Dragon Ball Super Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks SSJ2 figure

Banpresto Dragon Ball Super Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks SSJ2 figure | 1


The future timeline of Dragon Ball was once again in shambles, not because of a more powerful revived Cell, but because of a god.

Zamasu was an aspiring Supreme Kai until he got a hold of a ring that enabled him to travel into the future. By using the time ring and the powers of a god, he was able to gather the Super Dragon Balls to switch his body onto Goku. Later on, he got to travel into Trunk’s future to disrupt his timeline.

Eventually, the evil Zamasu will be defeated by Future Trunks. Trunks split the evil god in half causing his inner body parts to shine in sparkling light. The Final Hope Slash was struck by the Saiyan. And if you’re fans of Dragon Ball, you could compare this technique with the Genki Dama, but the energy was infused into Trunk’s sword.

It’s yet another iconic event for Dragon Ball fans. Unfortunately, with a release of an iconic figure on the side, figure pirates come to gather to copy the design.


Banpresto Dragon Ball Super Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks SSJ2 figure | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: headone Store
Distribution Area: Worldwide

Are you simply looking for Dragon Ball figures online? Well, AliExpress isn’t the place you should be in for these figures, or any anime figures even. The website’s just swarming with bootlegs plus you wouldn’t even be able to determine which are authentic anymore.

It’s true that bootlegs originate from China, but there are many factors that make a figure a fake item. Simply considering where it’s made from isn’t gonna help you because there are also authentic figures that are made in China.

Needless to say, you better head off to see how this Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks looks like — just so you could tell if it’s really a bootleg or not.


To begin with, the absence of a proper packaging already raises suspicion for this figure that we have. It’s also weird that the sword attachment isn’t sealed in plastic, unlike the fake figure. Of course, we initially received this item inside a courier packaging, but that’s just it.

As you can see, there are only three components all in all. You have here: the base, the figure, and the sword attachment. As mentioned, it’s already weird enough that the sword is secluded. Aside from that, you have to consider that some Banpresto figures are initially dismantled part by part.

At the start, we weren’t able to attach the figure onto its base and it wasn’t able to stand on its own with the sword attached. However, we did some tinkering on the foot sockets so that we can show you at least how the figure would look like on its base and the aesthetic attached. Bottomline, it was an incompatible base.

For an overall look, the fake figure looks fine, but without it on its base, it just looks ridiculous. Of course with the base and the attachment intact, it looks like a normal Banpresto figure. Well, it looks exactly like Future Trunks when he split Zamasu in half.

Looks can be deceiving at a fair distance though. When you put the figure closer, that’s when you’ll realize that it’s just like any other bootleg.

Closing in on the face, you’ll notice that the left eye has a scratch on its pupil. Apart from that, the whole eye area looks like the figure is cross-eyed.

Like any other bootleg, the Future Trunks figure has some noticeable dents on the hair. You’ll be able to see this on the left side of the hair and on the right one as well. Unfortunately, there’s a little burn on the tip at the top area of the hair. 

As for the fake figure’s body, there are some built-in torn on Trunks’ shirt. Of course, the poor quality of this bootleg can still be seen with the naked eye.

The character’s jacket looks a bit ragged on this fake figure. Also, you can see that there are some scratches on the ‘C’ logo on the right arm. And when you close in at the center, you’ll see that the green sword sheath belt is scratched as well.

The hip area looks really awful, once you get a full view of it. You’ll realize that there’s a gap on the left side of the hip, and above that, the figure just looks like it was shot hard — what a terrible dent!

The body holds a lot of flaws at this point. The back looks awfully cheap, and the belt just looks unrefined. It just feels like you’d want to stop there because you’re already convinced that this Future Trunks is a dirt-cheap bootleg.

A figure that’s covered with a lot of dents and an awful paint job just shouts ‘fake’ right in front of you. If you aren’t satisfied with the flaws that were already mentioned, the lower part of this figure should give you the proper closure.

The pants, from the photos above, just feels rough. There are torn areas just like the figure’s jacket, but inside these, you’ll see that the paint is already faded, disregarding the wounds that were meant for the design.

As for the shoes, you already know what’s there to look at. Paint stains, inaccuracy on the paint job itself, not to mention a sloppy one as well. Finally, the scrutiny has come to an end.

If you’ll bring the fake together with the authentic Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks figure, the fake will just look like a laughing stock.

The authentic Future Trunks figure proudly boasts its matte look for its outfit. Other than that, the huge difference between the fake and the real lies on the hair. You should’ve already noticed that the real figure has a shiny one. You can tell which one has a better paint quality — of course, it’s the authentic figure.

It all boils down to how much the figure would cost, and how much the gap between the fake and the real is.


Banpresto Dragon Ball Super Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks SSJ2 figure | 40

As you can see, the fake figure falls almost near as half as the price of the authentic. Sure, you’ll get the bootleg for $9.99 USD, but in reality, it’s something that you should avoid. You should know that you’re already spending a lot for a fake item that’s only worth being thrown in the recycle bin.

For $22 USD, you’ll be able to get an authentic Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks figure. From the looks of it, it’s truly a magnificent sight. The luster of the real item just blends with the design. After all, it’s Future Trunks’ most deadly technique yet.


So, where are you even going to find a really cool design that’s released back in 2017? Are there still viable sources of the exact figure online? Well, to tell you the truth, yes, there still are — however, there’s a catch you wouldn’t expect.

Banpresto Dragon Ball Super Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks SSJ2 figure | 41

The real Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks SSJ2 (Super Saiyan 2) is still available on Ninoma – The Japanese Market. There are still stocks left as of this writing and it’s priced at $22.25 USD. Although the sword attachment is sold separately, there’s only a little chance that you’d be able to find it online.

Regardless, the design still holds its notable pose.

Banpresto Dragon Ball Super Final Hope Slash: Future Trunks SSJ2 figure | 42

If you’re still open to other choices of the Future Trunks SSJ2, you might also want to get the Dragon Stars SS: Future Trunks. It’s the same character in an action figure design as there are more components available rather than just a stationary figure.

You can get it from BigBadToyStore for $29.99 USD.


All in all, the fake Future Trunks figure is just an awful sight. There are just numerous dents and mishaps on this bootleg. Defects that a standard anime figure won’t even have. Its initial incompatibility with its base will make you think twice about getting bootlegs.

The flaws present on the figure falls into one of the most undesirable ranks for bootlegs. This fake deserves a 90% critical rating for its nasty appearance.

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