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We thought that we’ve seen all of Goku’s overwhelming power when we first saw him transform into Super Saiyan Blue. But think again. The man has a never-ending thirst for strength as he always seeks to be the best among all fighters in the universe of Dragon Ball Super.

But first, let’s get back to the basics of Dragon Ball. Do you even remember Goku’s Kaioken form? Well, it’s been years since he last used it. Obviously, he’s got the Super Saiyan which is a far more superior form although this time, he fused it together with his godly powers to get the Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken form.

Of course as majestic as it is, Banpresto fans have the front seats to another awesome Goku figure. Released last 2017, the Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken: Son Goku figure made a great addition for Dragon Ball Super figure collectors. There’s no denying that the figure attracted a lot of fans of the character, and while it was only released as a prize figure, retailers were also into getting the figure themselves to sell.

However, bootleggers are competing with legit retailers. They think that crafting figures is just only for business. As you would expect, they’d never put their hearts into figure collection. And unfortunately, a fake Kaioken Blue: Son Goku is on the loose.


Banpresto Dragon Ball Super: Goku Kaioken Blue figure | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: floatinthetoy Store
Distribution Area: Worldwide

China has been known for being a source of many counterfeits. In that sense, fake figures are included in the bunch. Although, it’s not entirely the country’s fault that many of its people are striving to survive over selling bootlegs. But still, it’s illegal, and in a moral sense, it’s completely wrong to make money off someone else’s ideas.

The fake Kaioken Blue: Son Goku figure is indeed from China as we bought it from AliExpress. Needless to say, the sender of the item has details in their local language. And while we’re at that, the store’s name sounds fishy enough.

If you’re thinking of browsing AliExpress for figures, then better take a look first at this fake Goku figure.


First of all, the fake Kaioken Blue: Son Goku figure didn’t have a box of its own. It’s only wrapped in thin plastic. As you will see in the figure’s components, it also has a base, the Kaioken aura attachment as well as the Super Saiyan Blue aura.

The attachments have sharp edges which took a toll on the plastic it was wrapped in. Also, the base only has a ‘Made in China’ imprint, and nonetheless, legitimate figures have copyright imprints on either on the base or on the figure.

As for the quality of the attachments, they look a lot plasticky and have deformed edges. What’s worse is that they don’t stick that well on the base, and that’s totally not okay.

The real Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken: Goku figure has a box and it’s manufactured by Banpresto. On top of that, the box has the Craneking logo and the manufacturers logo.

You could also notice that the attachments and the figure are sold separately. And from that, you could assume that the real figure’s aura attachments are in best quality since they’re good as the figure itself.

Now onto the fake Goku figure.

Overall, the fake figure looks close to a real Super Saiyan Blue Goku since it has the character’s features. Well, you know — blue hair, the usual orange uniform, although what puts us off is his skin color. It would seem like it’s almost close to the uniform’s color, but that’s only a suspicion for now.

Looking closely at the fake figure’s face, there you will first see a couple of flaws. Flaws that are noticeable enough to turn you off.

The right eye of the figure seems to have a smudge of blue paint. Also, the teeth are annoyingly dirty. Usually if a couple of faults like these appear on the face of an anime figure, you should already contact customer service — only if you knowingly bought an authentic item.

On the other hand, the bootleg’s hair also has a few dents on it. There’s also a relatively huge gap on the back hair which makes it looks like that the area could fall apart. Although viewing the bootleg seems really nice, these defects are a huge turn-off for many collectors.

As for the figure’s body, there are a few outlying bits of plastic. You’ll notice this if you look closely at the figure’s sash. There’s also an issue with its right shoulder where you can find a small, but noticeable dent.

The texture of the body isn’t also well-defined. If the real figure will speak for itself, the fake will definitely hear a lot from its mistakes. In addition, bootlegs are called as such because they’re sold without any proper permission. So if you’re wondering how a fake can look as close as an authentic figure, this bootleg is most likely a factory reject.

The fake figure’s feet also have a sloppy paint job, in addition to what you’ve seen on its face. The shoes are inaccurately painted as you can see some overlaps of black paint, and that goes vice versa for the counterpart color.

In this area, you could also notice that the figure barely sticks to the base since the holes under the figure are not the same size as the base. In fact, if you slightly turn the bootleg aslant, it would easily fall off from the base.

For authentic figures, this will not be the case.

As you can see, the real Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken: Goku has a really solid vibe. The color is very distinct, and overall, the figure looks accurately painted — of course, it doesn’t have defects!

While the aura attachments are separately sold, you could already tell that they’re in par with the figure. Altogether, the texure seem flawless, and that’s what you would definitely want to keep in your collection.


Banpresto Dragon Ball Super: Goku Kaioken Blue figure | 36

The price of the fake Kaioken Blue: Goku figure isn’t too far from the real one. Although you’d still have to keep in mind that the real figure is sold separately from the aura attachments, the price of the fake still sounds like an insult to the authentic item. In the end, spending $10 USD for a defective item that’s probably not gonna be valuable for resale is a bad deal.

It’s reasonable enough to spend around $19 USD for an authentic figure. After all, Craneking figures are obtained through luck in Japan, and we’re still lucky enough that a good number of prize figures are sold online.


Currently, the Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken: Goku figure can still be bought online. We’ve been to a few trusted online stores, but only Ninoma has the the real figure in their stock.

Banpresto Dragon Ball Super: Goku Kaioken Blue figure | 37

It’s easy to tell that the current stock is on discount at the moment, so it’s already a steal. The website also offers shipping their products worldwide so that you could take advantage of the hassle-free online shopping. Although, there are a few exceptions that you may want to check in their Frequently Asked Questions page.

Banpresto Dragon Ball Super: Goku Kaioken Blue figure | 38

The full set is also obtainable on the website, but of course, for a higher price. And if you’ll compare it, the aura attachments isn’t that much pricey considering it’s a separate product.

In addition to this figure, the website keeps a fresh stock of newly released figures, so be sure to check out the pre-order page if you’re into updated stuff.


The fake figure is a complete mess. Apart from its dysfunctional form, there are quite a handful of defects that would most likely tell of its true nature.

Admittedly, it’s a bootleg that comes close to the original, but you cannot deny the fact that it’s sold without permission from the manufacturers. For that reason, it’s still a malicious item that’s sold not for figure collectors’, but for the satisfaction of bootleggers’ greed. The fake Kaioken Blue: Goku figure deserves a 90% unacceptable rating from us.

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