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If you’re an avid Sword Art Online fan, then you probably know that Asuna is the fan favorite character of most of its male audience. Her strong character is as admirable as her lovely appearance which is why many figure collectors couldn’t wait too long for a new release of an Asuna figure.

Like many pretty female characters, Asuna also has many poses as well as versions that are sculpted in figures. Some are unrelated to the anime, although you can still catch her personality from the released figures in most cases. However, Banpresto will remain faithful to the anime, and as such, released an SQ figure, also known as Super Quality Figure, of Asuna back in 2017.

Banpresto boasts the SQ figure collection with a line-up of popular female characters like Hatsune Miku, Saber from Fate/Stay Night, and more vocaloid anime icons. The SQ collection could be the most generous kind of fan service the manufacturer could provide for its fans, and gladly, the collection is quite in demand — though who knows what or who lurks within the shadows eyeing to steal the grand idea of SQ figures.


Banpresto Sword Art Online: SQ Asuna figure | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: Amelie
Distribution Area: Worldwide

Many anime figures are made in China, and the reason being is that it’s simply cheaper that way. They have the supply of materials as well as the factories. The difference between a bootleg and an authentic figure, however, is that many bootlegs are called as such because in the first place, they didn’t pass quality control. 

An authentic figure, on the other hand, can’t be more obvious. Not only do they pass quality control, but they are also supported by the manufacturer in case of defects to assure a guaranteed quality. With that in mind, many bootleg figures look like the real one because these items are the so-called rejects. The main mystery, still, is how the sellers in AliExpress get the supply of bootlegs.

Regardless, it’s up to the fans to be aware that it’s an on-going crisis for figure manufacturers. If you know how bootleg figures really look like, then you’ll be able to completely refuse such items. This bootleg SQ Asuna figure isn’t so much to be admired, but it’ll be good to learn a thing or two from a counterfeit.


Surprisingly, many bootlegged Banpresto figures come with a box, and this fake SQ Asuna figure isn’t any different. Most often than not, the flaws are already revealed through a bootleg figure’s packaging.

A bootleg’s main purpose is to deceive and make you think that it’s okay to buy such an unacceptable item. But if you look closely, there are many things that are wrong with the box alone.

For one, the print looks so bland that you can already judge its true nature, although it isn’t identifiable at first if you haven’t seen the real figure’s box yet. The texts at the back, to add, are almost blurry, and doesn’t blend properly with the box’s print. And for a tangible flaw, the fake box’s cardboard quality is just awful that it could rip apart with a single poke.

Every time you see a branded figure packaging, one of the first things you look for is the manufacturer’s logo, isn’t that right? Well for consolation, this fake SQ Asuna figure box does have the SQ brand logo but for the manufacturer who truly owns the design, their logo is obviously missing.

The real SQ Asuna’s packaging will have more than just the SQ brand logo. The Banpresto logo is on the packaging to identify its sole manufacturer. As a prize figure in Japan, the Craneking logo can also be located opposite of the manufacturer’s logo.

The fake figure itself isn’t any admirable. Although it seems complete with Asuna’s accessories, it still reeks of terrible defects.

As you can see, the fake SQ Asuna figure looks pale from many angles. The carving from a fair range just looks terrible, and if you’re going to observe closely, you’ll find more faults.

Starting from the area of its head, the hair looks a little bit scratched, and although it’s just minimal, this defect still isn’t acceptable. That isn’t the only flaw in this area, however, since you’ll be able to spot a couple of dents as well. And if that doesn’t annoy you, the unrefined plastic edges on the fake figure’s hair will.

The fake Asuna figure seems like it’s staring into the abyss as it looks lifeless. Its face looks awkwardly bleached though with a quick glance, it could easily be mistaken for an authentic figure.

As for the fake figure’s body, you could already tell that the paint job is horrible. Apart from misaligned patterns, the bootleg is soiled with stains. Most possibly, the paint used in coloring the figure isn’t safe as Asuna’s breastplate looks like it was painted with correction fluid. Not only that it’s unsafe but it also degrades the quality of the figure.

Asuna is also known for her signature rapier, the Lambent Light. Sadly, the fake Asuna figure couldn’t hold it that well and falls off easily when the figure budges. The sheath accessory is much worse as it doesn’t stick to the figure at all. Aside from the compatibility, the accessories are just detailed poorly.

The bootleggers thought they could get away with the fake figure’s legs, but little did they know, they did the same mistake as what they did to the fake Asuna’s upper body. Although it was easy for them to deceive fans with the figure’s legs, you’ll be able to tell that the figure was rushed from its shoes.

Overall, the fake SQ Asuna figure isn’t so much to be desired even if you think you can save from buying it. As a matter of fact, it’s far from how Asuna looks like in the anime though you could say that this figure is her evil twin.

With a glance of the real SQ Asuna figure by Banpresto, you could tell all the difference.

For a first, the real figure’s face is more visible since its hair is leveled properly. Even without a close up look, you could see that the details are crisp from head to toe — even including the sword and the sheath. Apart from the figure, the base also looks premium and stacks a bit higher than the fake.

Without a doubt, the real SQ Asuna deserves a spot in your figure cabinets as the figure mirror the true brilliance of Banpresto figures — and believe it or not, this is only a prize figure which is much affordable than graded ones.


Banpresto Sword Art Online: SQ Asuna figure | 39

Not to be surprised, the fake SQ Asuna figure, even for its lousy appearance, has a price tag of $9.50 USD which isn’t worth getting at all. Considering that the real SQ Asuna figure can get up to $50 at its current state, the authentic figure is still worth saving up for.

Asuna is one of the most in demand characters in the world of figure collecting, so it’s reasonable that the price tag went high since its 2017 release. Luckily, you can still get the figure up for grabs from reputable websites.


For a figure that was released in 2017, of course, there are already new releases that went after. Fortunately, the real SQ Asuna figure by Banpresto can still be found online.

Banpresto Sword Art Online: SQ Asuna figure | 40

The figure is still available in Ninoma – The Japanese Market for around $43 USD. Although it may be a high amount for a prize figure, Asuna fans will surely get it just to complete their set of waifus.

Needless to say, the real figure’s worth its current price since it’s obviously a stunning design. We also recommend signing up to Ninoma for rewards and benefits as they offer points for every purchase on their website.

If you are still looking for an alternative website, however, the exact figure is available in Amazon as well.

Banpresto Sword Art Online: SQ Asuna figure | 41

The prestigious prize figure goes up to around $50 USD in Amazon, and believe it or not, the stocks are already limited. So if I were you, I’d get them right now especially if you’re in a hurry.

As much as we know how you love Asuna, you still need to take in mind that Amazon also creeps with a hefty amount of bootlegs. So if you’re going to lurk the website by yourself, make sure that you read reviews and read the item description as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


The fake SQ Asuna figure couldn’t be viewed properly from many angles. Its face is annoyingly blocked by its deformed physique. The paint job is awfully rushed and couldn’t even match the details properly.

The bootleg makes the fans of Asuna scream for justice. Evidently, it’s a clear nutcase — a failure — that deserves a 95% horrible rating.

Banpresto Sword Art Online: SQ Asuna figure | 42

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