Banpresto World Collectable Diorama: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito figure

Banpresto World Collectable Diorama: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito figure | 1


Remember in Dragon Ball Z when Son Goku and Vegeta fused together to finish off the evil Majin Buu? That also happened in the franchise’s latest anime, Dragon Ball Super, although this time they were up against a stronger match-up — and a little boost from their Super Saiyan Blue forms.

In Dragon Ball Super, they face against a more lethal opponent, Zamasu and Goku Black, who also fused together to put a void into the world Son Goku lives in. 

With lingering hate towards Goku, Zamasu stole the body of Goku that would later be called Goku Black. By meeting the Zamasu from a different timeline, they were able to wreak havoc in Future Trunks’ dimension. However, this was put to a halt when Goku and Vegeta fused together to become Vegito Blue. With the power of the potara rings, they were able to stop a force that would possibly ruin Future Trunks’ universe as well as theirs.

The World Collectable Diorama Vol. 1 set includes the Fused Zamasu, Goku Black, Goku Blue, and Vegito Blue. Banpresto wouldn’t let this saga pass by without giving its fans a totally affordable set of figures to collect.

Although the set can only be counted as mini figures, Banpresto sure put a lot of effort into putting the details on these Dragon Ball figures. However, there’s a lot to say about figure pirates since they don’t care about how shabby they make the bootlegs.


Banpresto World Collectable Diorama: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito figure | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: mark
Distribution Area: Worldwide

Have you ever seen an item listing that would make you question the item? Well if you’ve ever been to AliExpress, then you must have already seen a lot of these item listings. Posts that displays pictures of an authentic item, but then they sell themselves out by mixing some suspicious shots.

For the vendor ‘mark’, they could have at least made it consistent, but then they include pictures of the figures’ boxes. And if you’re a Banpresto fan, you must already know what we’re talking about.

It’s easy to suspect items that are Made in China fakes. The counter just has a bad reputation of being the source of many bootlegs, may it be branded fashion or simply, figures just like the World Collectable Diorama set. Although, it is to be considered that many manufacturers do their production in the country, and that is why most authentic figures have the Made in China imprint.

In this world where there are many bootlegs, you’re also up for the challenge on knowing the basics in spotting a crappy bootleg. By observing this fake World Collectable Diorama: Vegito Blue figure, you should be able to pick up a thing or two about these counterfeit items.


The fake World Collectable Diorama: Vegito figure, surprisingly, has a box of its own. Usually though, boxes already the type of item they are. Whether this bootleg will already be exposed or not, the evidence lies on its packaging.

As you can see, the fake figure’s box doesn’t have any trace of its original manufacturer. That’s what made us think that the figure is a fake, but we’ll lay all the cards for you so it’ll be clearer.

Although the box seems like a perfect fit for a World Collectable Figure, you still have to consider the authorized logos that should be on the box. Besides that, you’ll see that the print isn’t something to be admired. It looks like the images are a little bit contrasty. 

Nonetheless, you should also be looking for a Toei Animation sticker on the top. For this fake, however, you can only see a blank rectangle box on the top of it.

The whole figure includes two parts of the base, a connector stand, and the figure itself.

Noticeably, the base kinda looks weird as it’s split in half. Once you see it closely, you’ll see that both parts are supposed to be one. It’s just that the smaller didn’t hold well, and broke itself away. In all honesty, it was like that when we opened the package.

The base, overall, has a bit depth on it, but there’s one dent at a particular part. Under the base, you can also see a copyright imprint — which doesn’t prove alone that this is an authentic item.

We didn’t bother attaching the ‘second’ part of the base to show how bad this bootleg is. Well, we’ll also need to attach it with glue if that should even be necessary at all. If authentic items would even require you to attach figure components together with a glue, then most likely, the adhesive would already be included in the package.

Nevertheless, the fake World Collectable Diorama: Vegito looks pale in general. There’s a huge difference between the color of its face and down the body. It’s plainly inconsistent.

Looking closely, the hair’s an awful sight. Even just from the images, you can already feel how rough the area is. With bumps here and there, you’ll also notice that there’s an annoying gap between the hair and the head. Other than that, the earrings look scratched and faded — and as if they’re droplets of paint.

The body isn’t a good sight as well. If you’re looking at the images above, then you might be shocked right now — or at least would have expected it anyway.

The front part of the body’s just full of scratches and stains. You’ll also see that the gloves have a shabby paint job. There’s an awfully lot of overlapping paint as well. And the back is no different from the front — also filled with scratches.

For a mini figure, this bootleg sure has a lot of flaws, and these also extend up to the figure’s tiny shoes.

The area has a lot of stains, definitely. There’s no arguing that this is an absolute counterfeit.

Authentic figure should at least be 99% spotless and scratch-free. If they aren’t, well, you can always contact customer service for a product replacement. Figures with just a little bit of odd spots on it are plainly defective, even if it’s an original. Manufacturers suffer a loss from releasing defective figures, and as such, they avoid the practice. 

So for the fake Vegito figure, there’s little to no evidence as how bootleggers manage to slip away with the unreleased, defective figures. All we can tell is that these figures are not supposed to be sold.

The real World Collectable Diorama: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito figure has a fairly detailed face. It has a gap on the hairline, but it’s not as bad as the bootleg. The base is just as detailed as well, and the color looks realistic. It may not be as good as scaled figures, but it’s a cool figure, nonetheless.


Banpresto World Collectable Diorama: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito figure | 33

Prices of World Collectable Figures may vary since they’re prize figures. For the World Collectable Diorama Vol. 1 set, the price may range from $35 USD to $50 USD depending on where you’ll get it. So, that would be an estimate of around $10 USD more or less, per figure.

Truth be told, a shop was selling the set however there’s a catch. For $10 USD, you’ll get a random figure from the set as how it should. So if you’re only eyeing for the Vegito collectible, then you might also want to step up the budget for a guaranteed figure.

If you think that you’ll frustrate yourself, then you can consider putting in the bootleg Vegito figure together with your legit ones. Though, you’ll ruin the whole collection for $13.59 USD — do you think that’s even worth it? Absolutely, no.


The World Collectable Diorama Vol. 1 set may not be found online, however the succeeding volumes are open for purchase on BigBadToyStore!

Banpresto World Collectable Diorama: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito figure | 34

The website is a trusted store for anime figures as well as other popular figures. Although the Volume 1 of the set may not be available on the website, you can still choose from Volumes 2 to 4 which also has the same quality.

Indeed, prize figures may be totally hard to be especially if you’re looking for it a year after its release. So if you’re still eyeing for a specific Vegito figure, then you can still get a shot at a Super Saiyan Blue Vegito from the Chouzetsu Gikou series. You can check out the figure at Ninoma.

Banpresto World Collectable Diorama: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito figure | 35

We know that you’d still consider this Vegito figure since it has a similar pose of the mini-figure. Nonetheless, this is a scaled figure which makes the $18.51 USD price reasonable.

The authentic figures are so much worth their price and their quality. If you’d ever consider getting the bootleg, you’re just in for a huge disappointment — and a lot of hassle, if we may add.


The fake World Collectable Diorama: Vegito figure has an awful lot of flaws for a mini figure. Its sloppy paint job and odd inconsistencies raise the red flag for this figure, not to mention the logo-less box. Sellers of such items couldn’t avoid the opportunity though, since they’re just trying to make a living.

Nevertheless, you also deserve to get your money’s worth, and you wouldn’t if you will get a figure full of scratches and stains. And for that, the fake Diorama: Vegito figure deserves to be slammed with a 90% terrible rating.

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