Netflix Introduces VTuber Brand Ambassador N-ko

Netflix Introduces VTuber  Brand Ambassador N-ko | 1
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With the rising popularity of Virtual Youtubers, also known as VTubers, Netflix listened to its anime fans and launched its own VTuber N-ko via the Netflix Anime Youtube channel.

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N-ko is a half-human, half-sheep life form who admits to being a Netflix employee herself. The platform’s new VTuber introduces herself as N-ko Mei Kurono who’s born in California and loves anime. While she’s bilingual, she openly reveals that she doesn’t like writing kanji, bringing a very light atmosphere to the introduction.

N-ko attends to meetings around the world. She will be bring insider information on upcoming anime on Netflix as well as provide entertainment to Netflix anime fans.

Netflix Head of Anime Rob Pereyda said in their press release:

My team and I asked ourselves, how could we personally and directly be a part of this anime fan community? Enter N-ko (pronounced e-nu-ko) Mei Kurono, our very own VTuber who makes her debut today! Living on Netflix Anime YouTube, N-ko is our official Netflix Anime Ambassador. N-ko will connect with fans around the world by hosting her very own weekly show, The N-ko Show. Stay tuned for its first episode launching globally on April 30, 10AM (Japan time) on our Netflix Anime YouTube channel.


3D Designer Tumidango created the 3D model for N-ko which was based on the 2D design created by Dead or Alive 6 concept designer Fubuki.

SOURCE: Netflix

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