Philippine TV Network Joins ACE As Its First Filipino Member To Campaign Against Digital Piracy

One of the largest TV Network in the Philippines, GMA Network, has joined The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) as its new member who will combat piracy in the Philippines.

An anti-piracy symposium has been co-hosted by ACE, GMA Network, and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) last March 29th 2023 to which the goal is to solidify, strengthen and protect local media content from threats of digital piracy. The TV Network has also began working together with IPOPHL to block websites with pirate content and to spread awareness that these sites may contain malware which threatens user privacy.

With this, the coalition has assured that they will also protect content creators to encourage them to create more high-quality content for the consumer’s full experience.

Filipino Primetime Hit TV Series “Maria Clara and Ibarra” star Barbie Forteza has joined the anti-piracy campaign “Stream responsibly, fight piracy” as one of GMA Network’s ambassadors.

Ambassadors of the said campaign will be appearing on advertisements in local TV, online streams, and social media to raise awareness and have the public help fight against piracy.

Filipinos have traveled and settled globally so they’re now seeking and yearning the need for Filipino media content which is mostly aired real time in the Philippines. With the increasing need for on-demand streams, local TV networks made sure that their content, whether it be news or entertainment, will be made available worldwide. However, piracy poses a threat to digital media, and this advocacy will serve as a shield against it.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, or ACE is the world’s leading online antipiracy organization protecting the creativity and innovation that drive the growth of core copyright and entertainment industries. Powered by a global network of over 50 media and entertainment companies, we work with content creators, distributors, and other partners to tackle online piracy issues and protect creative works, creators and consumers.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) is the government agency mandated to administer and implement state policies on intellectual property (IP) to strengthen the protection of IP rights in the country.

Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

GMA Network, Inc. is the Philippines’ leading broadcasting company, which produces the most innovative, most trusted, and top-rating TV programs. 

Also known as the Kapuso Network, GMA brings superior Entertainment and responsible, unbiased, and timely delivery of comprehensive and accurate News and Information to Filipinos anywhere in the world – through its TV, radio, online platforms and wide array of other media-related ventures: program syndication, film production, music publishing and distribution, set design, audio-visual production, and new media. 

GMA Network, Inc.

SOURCE: GMA Network, GMA Pinoy TV

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