SEGA Detective Conan Lucky Kuji: Kaitou Kid (Pearl Coating Version) figure

SEGA Detective Conan Lucky Kuji: Kaitou Kid (Pearl Coating Version) figure | 1


For anime figures, one pose isn’t enough for a specific character. Texture and quality matters, and another color version is just plain too boring. If you haven’t done so, you might want to go read through the original version of the Lucky Kuji: Kaitou Kid figure first. Either way, you can still read through ahead.

The SEGA Lucky Kuji toy line showcases prize figures that exhibit an average to standard authentic quality anime figures. The Kaitou Kid (Pearl Coating Version) is simply a specialized alternate version of the Lucky Kuji: Kaitou Kid figure. For the specific design, we’re expected to see a lustrous coating and a different pose as well.

Unfortunately, bootleggers fail to deliver the same expected design for obvious reasons. They will continue to cut the budget just to make an illegal profit over other people’s designs.


SEGA Detective Conan Lucky Kuji: Kaitou Kid (Pearl Coating Version) figure | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: XIES TOY Store
Distribution Area: Worldwide

The website, AliExpress, is a vast market for bootlegs. There’s no way to tell whether a figure is really authentic or fake since the majority of the items you’ll find here are the latter. It’s easy to assume that all items on the website are fake due to its bad reputation.

Many figure manufacturers mass produce their items in China. The cost-effective atmosphere for this specific industry has been helping the manufacturers save a lot in the process. While it’s positive to say that creators are making a lot by having their factories in China, the figures they make are also prone to piracy. For this reason, many bootlegs are shipped and made in this country.

Protect yourself from cheap items. Observe this fake Kaitou Kid (Pearl Coating Version) and behold your eyes!


We have both of the Kaitou Kid figures wrapped in thin plastic. Of course, we’ll be taking out the right one as it’s the Pearl Coating Version of the figure. It’s awkward enough to take figures out of a sealed, cheap plastic, but that’s just how it is for bootlegs.

Overall, you can see that the fake figure has a handful of flaws. Even underhanded flaws are visible upfront if you look closely.

The problem with bootleg figures is that they’re sometimes incompatible with their bases. Can you guess why? Well, bootleggers just carelessly include a random base in the package. If they think it’ll fit, they’ll pair it up with the figure — without considering if it really fits.

As you can see, the figure isn’t standing straight. The feet aren’t fully attached on its base — we kinda adjusted it that way for aesthetic purposes. In reality, attaching it fully on the base will cause the figure to lunge forward making it hard to observe the figure on eye level.

Upon zooming in on the fake figure’s face, you can see that there are areas that are torn. There are also unfamiliar paint spots that can be seen on the hair. The texture also seems odd as the face feels rough and unrefined.

As for the hat, the paint job looks really inaccurate. The blue paint keeps crawling off the supposed painted area and crowds the white area. The hat also has a bump visible from the zoomed out photos as well as the closeups. It’s located on the left side of the white hat.

The body of the figure’s full of odd textures and inaccurate paint. Judging from the given angles, the body is also coated with stains. These yellowish substance can be found on the left should as well as on the belly area.

The surface of the body really feels awkward. You can tell that the back isn’t even-leveled. There’s a drip of white paint on the cape making its surface pop up from the top portion of the cape. As for the hands, it’s self-explainable that bootleggers always get the paint job on this area wrong.

The feet’s full of unrefined edges. You can tell that the carving isn’t done correctly for this bootleg. It’s just an odd sight.

Lastly, the fake figure doesn’t live up to its version. Basically, if the figure says it’s a ‘Pearl Coated Version’, it should at least be glossy as what the description says. As a bootleg, it’s expected to be a downsize version of the authentic figure, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to settle for a worthless figure.

As you can see, the real Kaitou Kid: Pearl Coating Version figure is glossy and has a pearl-ish coating. You’ll have to judge it from the pictures’ lighting.

Prize figures aren’t in their best form. As many figure enthusiast say, prize figures are mainly at the low-tier. Considering authentic quality though, low tier figures is still far from bootleg quality. The latter is still outmatched.


SEGA Detective Conan Lucky Kuji: Kaitou Kid (Pearl Coating Version) figure | 29

What we have here is the Pearl Coating Bootleg Version of the figure. Imagine shelling out $7.60 USD for a lesser quality figure. Even if you try to fix the figure, you’ll definitely miss out compared to getting the real figure. Figure collectors don’t settle for cheap quality — period!

Reportedly, the Pearl Coating Version also has a few flaws. It’s reasonable enough for prize figures, and it’s something you’d actually expect if you already know the way around with anime figures. Of course, a figure that’s released back in 2013 might have already gone up in price, so taking out about $20+ USD isn’t bad.


So, where do you get the Pearl Coating Version: Kaitou Kid figure anyway? We mentioned on our previous Kaitou Kid article that’s it’s almost impossible to find the set online. However, you can still try your luck with pre-loved figure sellers.

Prices are still unpredictable for collectible items as they’re affected by a certain demand. You can also try your luck by visiting a Japanese store and relying on these Japanese Buying Services.

SEGA Detective Conan Lucky Kuji: Kaitou Kid (Pearl Coating Version) figure | 30

Proxy Shopping and Forwarding Shopping services are a trend for collectors in general. There are items which are only bought exclusively in Japan. That means you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s an option you’d want to consider if you’re aiming to collect rare pieces such as the Lucky Kuji Kaitou Kid figure.

SEGA Detective Conan Lucky Kuji: Kaitou Kid (Pearl Coating Version) figure | 31

Detective Conan fans are really into this mysterious character. If you’re also a big fan, then you wouldn’t really mind going for a high-quality figure such as this ArtFX 3 Phantom Thief Kid figure. It’s still available on HobbyLink Japan for around $108 USD — it’s a detailed design, after all!


If you’re still convinced that you can fix the fake Kaitou Kid figure, then you’re digging your own hole. The paint job’s already sloppy enough to be thrown in the reject bin. Nothing can probably fix its non-existent Pearl Coating, but definitely you can still edit out some mistakes if you’re into figure carving.

The undeniable flaws will still be there, nevertheless. It’s safe to say that this fake figure deserves an 80% awful rating for its underhanded way to shroud itself in deceit.

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