Takara Tomy Deformed Mini: My Hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka Figure Strap

Takara Tomy Deformed Mini: My Hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka Figure Strap | 1


Where there’s a league of professional heroes roaming to save the world, then there are bound to be schools that mold these heroes and bring out their full potential. In the midst of saving the world, several companies ran by top heroes also makes this complex society a hard world to live in despite having supernatural powers.

Although before superhero corporate politics, young heroes undergo intense training in schools. Training involves the mind, and especially, the body. The competition arises between students and schools that is why being in a top-rated school for heroes is a must if these students want a brighter future. Being in an established institution like U.A. High School means a lot to those who are aspiring to be, one day, a top hero.

Izuku Midoriya, though, has a lot of weight to carry on his shoulders being the one who’s fated to defeat the most evil among the villains. Luckily, he will carry that weight with his friends. With Ochaco Uraraka watching his back, they’ll be able to conquer the uprising of evil men, and restore peace to their cities.

In fact, not all evil villains have superpowers. Ordinary citizens, just like us, could stop these wicked men who are spreading dirt cheap bootlegs across the globe. Their second-rate handcraft will finally be ceased if we’re going to ignore these items. But, of course, a thorough knowledge of these fakes comes into play as we find out where they come from.


Takara Tomy Deformed Mini: My Hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka Figure Strap | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: YOTOO Toy Store
Distribution Area: Worldwide

There’s no doubting that many fake toy figures come from China as they house a wealthy lot of factories, even those that manufacture the real items. Being the case, though, makes the authentic figures vulnerable to intellectual property theft – simply piracy. This malicious act bring a bad reputation to the country itself even though they are also doing their part in eliminating this problem.

Nonetheless, a country’s esteem is put aside when dealing with your transactions online. Unknown and off the radar persons are out to empty your pockets with their grimy items, not to mention YOTOO Toy Store whose name pops with AliExpress on a quick google search. Rather, there’s no real information on the vendor itself which is kinda disturbing since businesses are often none too shy about sharing information about themselves for their customers’ confidence.

Perhaps, this fake Ochaco Uraraka strap will tell you more about what we’re talking about.


The fake Ochaco Uraraka strap didn’t come with any packaging except for the courier’s package. Like any other fake that’s trying to disguise themselves, this would definitely raise questions about the product itself, and makes the deceptive item more prone to suspicions.

With the bare figure, it stands on its feet with a pocket-size 4cm. A bashful expression of Ochaco is well-displayed by the figure – which is kinda expected for an imitation so that the disguise would look flawless-ish. However, a clear picture can be drawn with a keen observation – but first, let’s take a look at the real Takara Tomy Ochaco Uraraka figure from the Deformed Figure Series.

Looking at the real Deformed Mini figure, the appearance looks almost the same, and anybody could easily be tricked into buying the fake one. While the real figure has an obvious packaging, it has a different chain attached to it whereas the fake figure, at a glance, could be seen with a flimsy string instead.

Moderately-scaled figures are definitely more detailed than miniature figures like the Deformed Ochaco Uraraka figure. For a non-mini bootleg figure, flaws are easily determined. Besides sloppy paint jobs, chipped edges and bruises are noticeable on such items. However, it’s a different case for a pocket-sized figure. For this reason, a clear look at the authentic item is a must to spot the flaws.

A sharp eye won’t fool a devoted fan. Looking at the fake Ochaco Uraraka figure, you could see how a huge mess it is.

For a figure to achieve its most appealing form, it has to have an accurate and a clear paint job. Unfortunately, bootlegs remain unfaithful to this quality as evident on the fake Ochaco Uraraka mini figure. For a first, its left eyebrow is solely faded, and you’ll be able to compare that to the other brow to notice the inconsistency.

For a shy Ochaco, it sure has a dim blush – not that it’s really shy about being a bootleg. In fact, this fake is so open about being one that it has detectable dents on its hair and uniform. Well, you’ve seen the authentic figure, right? It’s nowhere near to this sabotaged bootleg.

The fake Ochaco Uraraka mini figure, for as little as it can get, sure do have an awful lot of flaws that’s hidden all over it. Apart from the messy paint job and damages, you won’t be able to ignore the fact that it doesn’t have any proper packaging that protects the collectible. Besides that, it has a horrid, cheap string that’s sure to break easily.

You won’t imagine how expensive this fake strap is. For a bootleg, it definitely burns a couple of hard-earned cash.


Takara Tomy Deformed Mini: My Hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka Figure Strap | 20

The word ‘expensive’ is such a relative term. If you’re going to spend roughly $3 for a horrendous copy, then imagine yourself getting a box of oreos but the contents are already bitten to half bits. You’d probably feel cheated that the merchant gained more from what it’s supposed to and you get even less. It’s expensive because you paid more than what you could get – and that’s similar to buying bootlegs.

For approximately $9, the real Deformed Mini Ochaco Uraraka figure strap is already affordable for that price considering that it’s the original, licensed item. Depending on which store you’ll get it, it will most probably come with a proper packaging and a durable metal, ball-bearing strap. Since it will also come with a stand, you’ll be confident enough to display it with the rest of the authentic collection.


As a My Hero Academia merchandise that’s released last 2016, it could barely be seen around the web at this time. However, traces says that it could still be hanging around trusted physical stores.

Takara Tomy Deformed Mini: My Hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka Figure Strap | 21

Believe it or not, there was a time that the Deformed Mini Ochaco Uraraka figure strap was available at Figuya. It’s roughly priced at $9 which is totally a hit deal. It was luckily available individually in the said website.

Takara Tomy Deformed Mini: My Hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka Figure Strap | 22

You can change your language settings in Amazon Japan, and as long as you have an account, you’ll be able to get the item to ship internationally. Hope we didn’t scare you that much saying that it’s nowhere to be found – SIKE!

If you really want the Ochaco Uraraka figure strap by Takara Tomy, then you’ll still be able to get it, however, as a complete set of figure straps from Amazon Japan. For around $32, you’ll already get your hands on the complete set of the Deformed Mini My Hero Academia. It’s not bad actually since they’d look the best as a group.


The fake Ochaco Uraraka figure strap is an awful lot of mess. It has a lot of visible scratches and undesirable paint spotting. The fact that it’s just the bare item – without any packaging – would have fans worrying about its condition.

This figure strap gives an uncertain and an annoying vibe. It would barely last long as an accessory nor it won’t even be worth displaying as it doesn’t have any stand. If you ever spot a similar bootleg on the web, better delete that site from the history. Nonetheless, this fake deserves a slap of 85% awful rating!

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