Xtra by Tsume: Naruto Shippuden Nara Shikamaru figure

Xtra by Tsume: Naruto Shippuden Nara Shikamaru figure | 1


Calling Nara Shikamaru a side character is a complete understatement. If not for him and the intel division of Konoha, the whole shinobi world might have gone under a devastating curse. You could call him a guy from the sidelines like the rest of Naruto’s friends, but he’s one of the heroes in that war.

Although Shikamaru may be the smartest ninja in Naruto Shippuden, he can be a deadly one as well. With his shadow sewing technique, he can restrain anyone he catches; much worse, he could control anyone with this jutsu and lead them to their painful deaths. Imagine a ninja with a knack for superior strategy and embraced by a first-rate skill — that’s Shikamaru, there’s no doubt about it! 

Deserving of a superior figure design, Tsume Art took the initiative to create their own Nara Shikamaru in the Xtra by Tsume collection.

The collection boasts high-quality designs from popular animes like Naruto and One Punch Man. More or less, the theme of Xtra by Tsume takes on the serious side of the characters as their poses look like the designs are ready for battle. Regardless whether the designs are truly in demand or not, bootleggers couldn’t keep away from the Xtra by Tsume Nara Shikamaru and decided to make money off it — illegally!


Xtra by Tsume: Naruto Shippuden Nara Shikamaru figure | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: Souwan Store
Distribution Area: Worldwide

AliExpress can be a handy website sometimes. If you’re looking for bootleg anime figures, then it can be your one-stop shop. However, get ready to face the consequences as these bootlegs are notorious for being made from toxic materials, not to mention the paint used on these items. Nevertheless, you’ll find many deformed and damaged figures in the website.

There’s no doubt that many bootlegs come from China, and items manufactured from the said country continue to lose reputation because of piracy. Regardless, many figure manufacturers still manufacture their designs in China since it’s efficient that way — especially if a design is going to be made in hundreds per batch.

Once you’re aware of how such items look, then you’ll be able to avoid these bootlegs. Take our warning by taking a good look at the fake Nara Shikamaru figure!


You should know that many bootlegs also come with their own “copied” packaging. However, this fake Xtra by Tsume Nara Shikamaru figure just wants itself discovered out in the open.

If you receive an anime figure with a presentation like this fake, what will you feel?

The fake Shikamaru figure is prone to damages especially if it’s in a thin plastic. You really have no idea what warehouse sorters do to your ordered items. So, your piece of protection for items such as anime figures is a sealed packaging.

According to Tsume Art, a brand-new and authentic Xtra By Tsume figure will always be sealed inside a branded box. The packaging also has an authentication sticker from the licensor, and specific to Naruto Shippuden figures, the European version of the anime logo can also be found on the box. Most importantly, the manufacturer’s logos will also be on the packaging: namely, the Tsume logo and the Xtra by Tsume logo.

As far as this bootleg goes, it seems like the components are complete. It has the figure, the base, and the attachables that project Shikamaru’s shadow sewing technique.

The base also looks like it’s the real one since it would fit the figure and the attachables. If you flip it over, though, you’ll see an odd shape at the center of it, and an imprint that says, “Made in China.” There’s nothing wrong with that imprint alone, but you need to consider that you should also be seeing a copyright imprint as well as the character’s name in that area.

The attachables also look fishy. Although they may fit the base, you can see an awful sight of plastic bits hanging around the edges of the attachables. What’s more annoying is that these four barely stick on the base, especially the middle one.

Moving on to the figure, the bootleg looks totally dull. The overall paint job isn’t something to be admired which is just expected from such an item. The edges aren’t crisp as well, and from a quick glance, you’ll already be questioning the true nature of the figure.

Looking closely, you’ll see more of the unpleasant sight.

If the fake figure isn’t wearing a shinobi uniform, you won’t recognize that the figure is Nara Shikamaru. Its face just lacks the details, and the sculpt is far from being the character. Oddly enough, the eyes are painted red which just raises more suspicions. The hairline is also a mess especially once you notice the smudge at its center.

Normally, a quality design such as the Xtra By Tsume Nara Shikamaru will have a consistent carving. This Shikamaru figure that we have, however, has a huge flaw when it comes to consistency.

If you look at the figure’s clothing, you’ll see that the pockets on the uniform has a very inconsistent carve. In addition to that, the paint job, specifically on its left button, have already faded. The hands don’t look good as well since the white painted areas are also in a decline.

The bootleg’s back area is an awful sight indeed. Apart from the trying-hard shades, the red paint on the logo also overlaps. So if you’re concerned about such tiny details, then you’ll probably hate this figure a lot.

You’d hate a lot more of this fake figure once you look at its lower area.

To be fair, the whole figure and the attachables are still intact on the base. If there’s something to commend about the bootleg, it’s that particular ability. Most bootlegs hardly even fit the base which is why it’s best to avoid them.

Now if you’re going to look at the fake figure’s feet, you’ll see a couple of smudges, specifically on left leg band. The black paint looks filthy in this area, and not to mention, the white band looks messy as well.

Once you go a bit lower, the shoes are probably the worst part as its full of scratches. The paint job in this part are totally lacking. It lacks accuracy, and simply, the paint itself has some sort of shortage. Nevertheless, the whole figure is absolutely uninspiring.

Once you see the real Xtra By Tsume Nara Shikamaru figure, you’ll probably be in awe. There’s a pretty huge difference between the authentic and the fake, no doubt about that, but what sets the real one is that it’s secured and more importantly, it’s valued. 

Needless to say, the real figure is a stunning figure. The matte colour matches the glossy attachables. You could feel life bursting out of the authentic figure, and an absolute projection of Nara Shikamaru. Indeed, it’s a Tsume Art masterpiece.


Xtra by Tsume: Naruto Shippuden Nara Shikamaru figure | 37

It seems that there’s a huge gap between the prices of the fake and the authentic. For obvious reasons, the real Xtra By Tsume Shikamaru figure can be graded as a premium figure. Its highly-detailed design really topples off the bootleg. Possibly, the price of the real one has already risen, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s an absolute collectible.

As what they say: “You get what you pay for.” The fake Shikamaru figure is a complete flop, and if you’re still considering to get it for its price, then you haven’t thought about if it’s worth waiting for.

Nonetheless, an authentic figure that’s made with such craftsmanship is bound to be sold-out in no time. In addition, the resale value can go up unimaginably.


The Xtra by Tsume collection is arguably one of the most in-demand designs of Tsume. And for a figure that was released back in 2015, it’s obvious why the Nara Shikamaru figure is already sold-out. For its affordable price tag and premium design, it’s one of Tsume’s that’s worth putting in your display cabinets.

Xtra by Tsume: Naruto Shippuden Nara Shikamaru figure | 38

Although the Shikamaru figure is already out of stock, there are a few more figures from the Xtra By Tsume collection to select from. Take a look at this Hashirama Senju figure!

Xtra by Tsume: Naruto Shippuden Nara Shikamaru figure | 39

For roughly $76 USD, the Hashirama figure gives off a realistic vibe. As seen from the pictures, the wooden pedestal feels like the figure is standing on a true to life bonsai tree. Most especially, it has a stylish pose paired with a metallic and matte finish. You should probably feel guilty if you have considered buying a bootleg Xtra By Tsume figure.

Kidding aside, there’s a huge gap between a bootleg and an authentic figure. Not only with their price tags, but also with the product finish. And if you look at the other figures in the image, you’ll see that the collection is consistently impressive. Now, that’s something a fake couldn’t promise.


The fake Nara Shikamaru figure is an absolute joke. The makers of this bootleg can’t even copy a design properly. Whether that’s good news or not, the fake figure is evenly packed with visible flaws.

The fake figure has an awful paint job and it’s oddly shaped. Besides from the defects, it also doesn’t have a proper packaging which is a complete no-no for figure collectors. Better reconsider your choice of figures as we’re slamming this one with a 90% terrible rating.

Xtra by Tsume: Naruto Shippuden Nara Shikamaru figure | 40

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