Banpresto Resolution of Soldiers: Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks

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From a distant future, Future Trunks carries out the legacy of Son Goku in exterminating evil. Although he’s in a dire situation, he went back in time to save the Z Fighters and changed the timeline of his younger self. Thanks to him, the present Goku was able to fight back against the wrath of Cell and the notorious Androids

The Cell Saga was indeed an epic yet a bloody bout in Dragon Ball Z. For Goku and his friends, it was a battle of survival, an opportunity to alter the apocalyptic timeline where Future Trunks came from. Believe it or not, the saga was also a beginning of a new era for our heroes. It marks as an iconic battle for Dragon Ball fans which in that case, opens an opportunity for many toy figure manufacturers.

For Banpresto, they’ve released a handful of figures that feature the characters from the Cell Saga. One of the collections worth mentioning is the Resolution of Soldiers.

The Resolution of Soldiers collection showcases well-defined figures of Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Mr. Satan. The details are more focused on the serious side of the characters projecting a fierce look from them. Unfortunately, these designs are facing a harder battle against figure pirates, and it is up to us fans to stop bootlegs from multiplying!


Banpresto Resolution of Soldiers: Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: Amelie
Distribution Area: Worldwide

The world of online shopping can be a bit catastrophic. If something goes wrong, you’d be going back and forth solving the issues with either the merchant or the website itself. For a last resort though, you could also call your credit card company for help when you’re facing an awkward situation with counterfeit items. But what if you used cash instead? Is it already too late, or are you just going to keep the cheap, inferior item?

You need to know a few points in shopping figures online. Most likely, AliExpress isn’t the best place to shop toy figures — it might not even be a good option either. The website just has a lot of vendors selling items that are beyond questionable. Amelie is an example of a vendor that you should avoid in such a website. You will just be disappointed from the list of bootlegs that the vendor has.

Nevertheless, you can keep yourself from getting fooled by such store if you know what a fake Future Trunks figure looks like.


Many bootlegs have been trying hard to copy designs. For these figure pirates, there will be no exception, and they wouldn’t miss imitating the packaging for sure.

Although the fake Future Trunks has a box, the odd details on its packaging are disgustingly noticeable. For a first, the box is abnormally tall. You can observe this from the front print of the box where Trunks’ body extends vertically. There’s nothing more to say about the printing either but that it’s totally pixelated.

If you’ll be taking a 360-degree look of the box, you can also see some damages. There are tears on some corners of it, and evidently, this is because of the frail material of the box. Once you open the box, you’ll see that the cardboard only has thin edges.

The real Resolution of Soldiers Future Trunks box has the obvious touches on it. It’s a properly leveled box, there’s no doubt about that, but the main attraction that should be detected are the logos of Banpresto.

For one, you can see the Banpresto logo and opposite of it is the Craneking logo since it’s a prize figure. What ultimately sets this box apart from bootlegs, especially though, is the Toei Animation sticker. Although there are reportedly fake Toei Animation stickers, you’ll be able to distinguish them from the real one easily.

The fake figure, out of the box, is sealed inside a flimsy plastic which can be torn easily. As expected, the plastic ripped a little while opening it.

The base isn’t anything special. There are no other imprints except the ‘Made in China’ imprint. It’s just a flat and glossy base at first sight, but when you try to attach the figure, that is when you’ll notice that the bootleg isn’t a perfect fit for this base. You will need to spread the legs further so that the figure could be attached – we’ll be finding out more from the figure itself.

At first glance, you’d think that there’s nothing wrong about the physique of the figure, but after some time, you’ll realize that there are numerous flaws worth dissing.

For a start, the hair’s oddly blocking the figure’s face. Nothing’s wrong about that, if you think about it, but once you look back at the box, you’ll be able to notice the difference. And if you look closely at the hair area, you’ll discover that this part has some disgustingly unrefined edges. It’s full of cracks, and it’s tangibly rough — probably caused by the paint that was used on it. The face isn’t any different as its eyeliner is quite faded.

The body of the fake Future Trunks figure, on the other hand, has an awful lot of flaws as well. Although the design slightly focuses on the tattered condition of Trunks, the spots and scratches that are indifferent to the figure are still obvious.

Still distinguishable, the spots on its right arm can be utterly disturbing. And if you go through its armor, the stains won’t help you ease your mind either — the same goes from the back side. As you can also see, the paint on its back armor is annoyingly inaccurate.

Oddly enough, the color of the fake figure’s inner suit is bland. It looks overly bleached though the shading can be deceiving. For this reason, the fake Future Trunks figure is still a notorious bootleg because if you’re looking at the figure on a website posting, some flaws are barely recognizable.

The fake figure’s feet is strangely too close and we pointed out earlier that this is the reason why it doesn’t fit the base. It’s spreadable although we wouldn’t do that to a legitimate figure if you’re going to ask us.

Noticeably, the right shoe has some pointed plastic on its edge which leads us to suspect that the figure isn’t polished enough for a legitimate release. This bootleg could probably be a factory reject and the people behind the piracy are just dying for some easy cash. However, they’re missing the whole point why fans like us will get the authentic figure even if it means saving for months.

Barely wavering, the real Resolution of Soldiers Future Trunks figure has a glossy effect. The details are entirely on point, and matches the collection’s theme properly — as it should be. You could see from the images alone that there’s a huge difference between the authentic figure and the bootleg. And whatever choice you may make between the two, the bootleg isn’t worth it for its price.


Banpresto Resolution of Soldiers: Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks | 44

The fake Future Trunks figure can be tempting indeed. For a price of $7.84 USD, you’d think that you’re getting the figure for a steal. However, the cards have already been lain down as you’ll just be disappointed. The bootleg may be a bit gleamy from petty images on the web, but believe it when we say that it’s personally rubbish.

As a prize figure, on the other hand, the real Resolution of Soldiers Future Trunks is very much worth it for its price. The current price can go up to around $41 USD although it started at around $29.99 USD when it was first released. Needless to say, Banpresto has got you covered with everything if you buy the authentic figure.


The Resolution of Soldiers Future Trunks figure was released around the year of 2017. It’s hard to say if there are still any trusted websites that has the item on stock. Although, the authentic figure was once located in websites such as the BigBadToyStore and Figuya. From there, you’ll be able to tell how much the figure’s price went up.

Banpresto Resolution of Soldiers: Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks | 45

Fortunately, we found a well-reviewed listing on Amazon where you can find the exact figure for $47 USD. Though if you switch sellers, you can actually find cheaper prices of the figure, and it also depends on your location. If you’re in the US, then you’re in luck as it should be around $41 USD.

If you’re really into collecting more Future Trunks figures, then you’ll find this Super Saiyan Future Trunks figure astonishing.

Banpresto Resolution of Soldiers: Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks | 46

Found on BigBadToyStore for a pre-order of only $29.99, the Dragon Stars Super Saiyan Future Trunks figure should complete a set to your Bandai collection.

The collection is described as ‘highly-detailed’ so it’s kind of a breather from plain figures — plus the figure has some cool accessories as well. And if you’re into collecting packages, the store also has an option to upgrade the packaging to a Collector grade for an additional $2.

Nevertheless, these are just some awesome perks of authentic figures which bootlegs could never offer. As a collector, you should also be careful on what you put into your collection and just pour your passion in the hobby.


At first, the fake Future Trunks can be a pain in the butt. It is definitely hard to read from online images. And whether sellers from AliExpress tell you if the figure is fake or not, there are still visible red flags from the postings.

The bootleg has definitely shown it all. From an inaccurate paint job to crevices and cracks, the fake figure revealed itself as an unworthy and despicable item. Its physique is utterly imbalanced as shown that it’s incompatible with the base. And on top of that, its packaging is as deserving to be dumped out to an ocean of trash. For all these reasons, the bootleg gets a slap of an 80% terrible rating.

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