Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok Reveals New Trailer

Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok Reveals New Trailer | 1
Source: Warner Bros. Japan Anime/Screenshot by Is-it-fake

Warner Bros. Japan started streaming the second promotional video of its upcoming anime on Netflix, Record of Ragnarok. The new trailer also reveals the anime’s ending theme song Inevitable (Fukahi) performed by SymaG.

Warner Bros. Japan Anime

The anime is exclusive to Netflix and has been scheduled to premiere worldwide on June 17th.

Studio Graphinica is producing the Record of Ragnarok anime under Masao Ookubo’s direction. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is writing the series scripts, while Masaki Sato is on character design. The music is composed by Yasuharu Takanashi.

Record of Ragnarok Official Twitter

The official Twitter account of the anime revealed that a special streaming program is due live on Warner Bros. Japan Anime Youtube channel. The stream starts at 8:00PM PDT / 11:00PM EDT on June 19th.

Record of Ragnarok is based on an on-going Manga written by Shinya Umemura & Takumi Fukui. Ajichika, on the other hand, draws the illustration for the series. Currently, it’s being published by Coamix in their magazine Monthly Comic Zenon. The manga has released ten volumes since November 2017.

Netflix describes the series as:

Before eradicating humankind from the world, the gods give them one last chance to prove themselves worthy of survival. Let the Ragnarok battles begin.


SOURCE: Warner Bros. Japan Anime, Record of Ragnarok via Twitter

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