The Quintessential Quintuplets Anime is Posting Character Video Trailers Weekly For Season 2

The Quintessential Quintuplets Anime is Posting Character Video Trailers Weekly For Season 2 | 1
Source: TBS Animation/Screenshot by Is-it-fake

In preparation for the 2nd season of Negi Haruba’s romantic comedy anime, Quintessential Quintuplets on Youtube has been posting character video trailer since 11th of November which started with Ichika Nakano. View her trailer here.

This week, TBS Animation on Youtube released another character trailer featuring Nino Nakano:

TBS Animation

All character trailer are events following the 2nd season of Quintessential Quintuplets. The anime will be releasing all of the main characters consisting of five sisters. That means we’ll still have three character video trailers in the next three weeks. Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki’s trailers should follow chronologically.

The anime’s season 2 was scheduled to premiere last October 2020, but was postponed for health and safety reasons. The new release date of the anime will be in January 2021. The 2nd season is set to debut on TBS, BS11, and Sun TV in Japan.

The anime’s promotional poster has already been released on TBS’ website.

The 1st season of the anime is currently available in Crunchyroll and FUNimation. On the other hand, KodanshaCOMICS is currently releasing the manga digitally as well as in print. The publisher describes the story as:

Five girls who want to do anything but study, and their tutor: a high school boy who’s got book smarts and not much else. Futaro Uesugi took the tutoring gig because he was desperate for cash, but when his students—the five beautiful daughters of a wealthy businessman—find five times the excuses to slack off, what can he do?! At this rate, the sisters won’t graduate, so if he wants to get paid, Futaro must think of a plan to suit each of them … Which feels hopeless when five out of five of them think he’s a loser!


The manga for Quintessential Quintuplets (also known as Go-toubun no Hanayome) already ended last February 2020 with 14 volumes and 122 chapters.

SOURCE: 5Hanayome Website, TBS Animation on Youtube

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