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A kingdom perpetually trapped in winter, Anna and her friends sets on a journey to find her sister, Elsa, to stop the season that’s making their land suffer. Although she looks poised and regal, Elsa lives in fear and isolation while holding a powerful ice power which eventually brought winter into their lands. It’s up to her sister, Anna, to find her and talk her into stopping the icy season.

Walt Disney has this knack of adapting old catchy fairy tales to bring into the big screen for a massive entertaining experience. Of course, they bring out the jolly characters, not to mention hilarious content that movie-goers will eternally love. One of the characters of Frozen, apparently, is a tiny snowman that likes to blurt out puns about their adventures. Olaf is absolutely adorable that way.

Many plush dolls are made out of Disney characters, and unfortunately, most designs caught the eye of bootleggers. Olaf’s one of the victims and a fake Olaf plush doll has been making rounds on the internet since the first movie came out.


Walt Disney Frozen: Olaf plush doll | 2

Bought on: AliExpress
Origin: China
Vendor: Unknown
Distribution Area: Worldwide

Plush dolls are way crowded on the website, AliExpress. Naturally, you’ll already doubt that the items posted on the website are authentic. The e-commerce website just has this bad reputation, but on other terms, they’re still a useful website since that’s where you can get bootlegs you can use for research purposes. But of course, that’s why we’re here for that!

In an ideal world where bootlegs aren’t produced, there could be so many opportunities for content creation to grow even further. Unfortunately, we’re not living in that world, but instead, we’re facing a problem where legit manufacturers in China are prone to getting duped by these bootleggers. Their designs are stolen and sold off by people claiming the product as their own.

If you’ll deny these fake plush dolls, to be specific, it could convince others to deny the same items. More often than not, you will also need to be careful of these fake items. Get to see how a fake Olaf plush doll looks like so you can avoid one!


Not very surprising, the fake Olaf plush doll came bare and unwrapped without any protective covering. Initially, we had the courier’s packaging, but that’s it.

The problem with plush dolls you buy online is that they’re unpredictable. If it’s a fake, you’ll most likely receive a design that’s far from the presentation — the item posting itself. As for the fake Olaf plush doll, it could be filled with tears, but it’s still early to say as we have to look at it closely first.

Needless to say, plush dolls require protection like proper bubble wraps, cardboard packaging, or even thick plastic covering. If there isn’t enough protective covering for a plush doll when it’s shipped, there’s a risk of it having damage since it’s prone to sharp objects. Clearly, the fake Olaf plush doll doesn’t have any of these.

Looking closely at its head, you can see the asymmetry on the details. A crooked tooth for a start, and it’s nose oddly bends towards the left (from your view). From the left side, you can see that there are loose threads hanging from the mouth. The stitching on the same area proves that the plush doll was made by an unprofessional craftsman.

There are also few stains found on the right side of the head. It’s a disgusting sight indeed. Apart from that, minor thread mishaps are barely seen.

The material that was used in this fake plush doll seems a little fishy. Of course, the ultimate goal of bootleggers is to profit — for a lot. Most likely, the materials used on this item have already been downsized to maximize the profit that they would gain. Olaf’s hair on this design makes it obvious!

In reality, makers of bootleg carelessly just copy designs. You can tell by looking at the fake plush’s body. The patterns make it awkward for this fake Olaf plush doll. It’s already been discovered as a fake, and there’s nothing it can do to clear up its name. Aside from that, ragged stitching can be found on the back.

The hands are similar to the bootleg’s hair. The same cheap material that feels like cloth, but denim at the same time. The positioning of the torso also looks weird. The overstuffing in the plush doll most likely caused the item to bubble up in a bad way.

So, after giving this fake Olaf plush a good inspection, you’ll just find out that the bottom of its right foot says that it’s an authentic (and genuine) plush. No, it doesn’t work that way. Like we said, bootleggers just copy designs carelessly, and judging from the overall details, they’re just making it look authentic so it appeals to the target audience — the kids and their parents, of course!

Let’s talk about the last and most awful flaw any plush doll could have, and that is having low-quality resolution tags on them. It’s like giving itself away for what a cheap item it is. Nonetheless, these are the efforts bootleggers do to fool customers into buying their cheap and sour products — so beware!

Lo and behold! The real Frozen: Olaf plush from the Disney Store is definitely IT! The design really looks flawless and adapts the real character itself. The real plush looks evenly stuffed inside making it a high-quality product.

Needless to say, the fake’s nothing compared to the real plush. You’ll be surprised with the price difference between the two once you look at the image below.


Walt Disney Frozen: Olaf plush doll | 27

Isn’t that just fishy? Well, this time, the authentic item wins the affordable criteria — above its superiority in quality. Currently, the real Olaf plush is priced at $5.98 USD from the manufacturer website. That’s because we’re considering the sale price posted on it recently. Originally, the authentic plush can be bought at $19.95 USD which isn’t far from the fake plush’s price.

Nevertheless, nothing good comes from spending $13.59 USD for a plush doll that’s utterly deformed and crooked in design. You’re just wasting your money and effort, period!


As we’ve mentioned, the real Frozen: Olaf plush is available at the Disney Store for $5.98. Sadly, the specific design is out-of-stock and you can only wait for the stocks to replenish.

Walt Disney Frozen: Olaf plush doll | 28

Olaf in the flesh! You won’t believe that a real quality plush like this can go as low as $5.98 USD and as much as you want to doubt it, the item’s posted on the manufacturer’s website. It’s just on SALE.

Walt Disney Frozen: Olaf plush doll | 29

Don’t feel down now. There’s still a newer design available adapting the character, Olaf. The reason the prior design isn’t available anymore is because the franchise has released a sequel movie last 2019. You’ll find the Frozen 2: Olaf plush on Disney Store as well and for a sale price of $12 USD — what a steal!


There’s nothing else we can say about the fake Olaf plush except that it’s a complete failure. It’s purely a copycat that tries hard enough to appeal to the fans of the movie. A deformed mess that’s probably unsafe for kids to keep. Rest assured, you’ll be far better off without.

The fake plush deserves a whooping of 70% awful rating — simply get away from it!

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