Gintama: The Final Giveaway ‘Demon Slayer’ Illustration Unveiled

Gintama author Hideaki Sorachi teased Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba illustrations, as drawn by the artist himself, last month stating that moviegoers will be receiving 1 of 10 in the first week of the film. The teased illustrations are shown below:

Gintama: The Final started premiering in Japanese theaters on January 8th. Read more here.

Today, we’re getting a chance to see the whole image where Tanjiro is surrounded by the nine Hashira. The illustration will be posted on a double-sided poster, together with a Gintama illustration (shown below), on the fourth week of the film. Additionally, the Gintama illustration is currently the featured cover for the Jump GIGA 2021 WINTER magazine.

The characters from Kimetsu no Yaiba reveals the illustration cards that are given on the first week of the premiere. Hideaki Sorachi also drew additional animation sketches to be handed out on the second and third week of the film.

The film inspires an upcoming web anime Gintama: The Semi-Final that tells the story a day before the film’s plot. Read more about the web anime here.

SOURCE: Gintama: The Final Official Website, Anime News Network

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